Best quality agricultural products from the leaders in sustainable agriculture.

Quality Statement

Southern Cross Agricultural Exports Pty Ltd (SCAE) certifies a wide variety of sustainably grown agricultural produce and processing plants.

Our success relies on maintaining the integrity, credibility, and traceability of the ASP Certified logo used by our certified clients to indicate products grown to the standard and independently tested to comply with the standard.

  • Tested Residue Free

  • Tested Non-GMO

  • Committed to sustainable farming systems.

  • 75% fewer Green House Gas emissions in cereals grown

It is therefore a stated policy of the Southern Cross Agricultural Exports Pty Ltd that all products sold under the ASP Certified Logo will be produced, processed (when necessary), and marketed strictly according to the ASP Certified Standard and internationally accepted sustainable production principles and will continually endeavour to supply certification services that absolutely satisfies the requirements of our customers.

As part of the continual improvement process and in line with our stated Quality Objective of satisfying our customers’ requirements Southern Cross Agricultural Exports Pty Ltd (SCAE) commits to maintaining and improving our Quality System to meet world recognised ESG’s. We further commit to bringing the measured outcomes of our ASP Certified Standard into line with UN Sustainability Development Goals.

Southern Cross Agricultural Exports

Southern Cross Agricultural Exports Pty Ltd (SCAE) produces and delivers the best quality Australian grown agricultural products for discerning, health-conscious and environmentally aware consumers.

Behind SCAE are over 40 Australian family farms spanning across Central and Southern Queensland, Central Western New South Wales and the Riverina Area, the Mallee and Wimmera area of Victoria, the South East of South Australia, the Central Wheat Belt of Western Australia, representing some of the best-growing regions in Australia.

The range of agricultural products grown and directly available from our farms includes grains and legumes, hay, fresh produce, cotton, animal products. SCAE own the ASP Certified Standard that ensures products are tested to international standards. Our officers work on a national and international level and have extensive experience with the export capability and networks throughout the Pacific and Asian region. We sell directly from our farms to clients.

SCAE Growers

Who Are We

Australian certified and quality niche agricultural produce directly from the best farmers in the nation.

Our Values

Family owned and managed farms ensuring the highest level of personal commitment.

  • Professionalism and integrity in servicing our clients.

  • Developing mutually beneficial relationships with clients and customers in Australia and throughout Asia Pacific.

  • Committed to sustainability we are leading the way in regenerative and sustainable farming systems.

  • Our community focus ensures what we do and how we do it benefits our community and future generations.

Our Advantage

  • Reliable, Secure Supply – We control the entire supply chain from production to delivery, ensuring reliable, secure supply for clients.
  • Flexible and sizeable – We offer maximum flexibility in terms of production and customization to meet individual requirements. We take advantage of different seasons and conditions across our farm locations spanning Australia and New Zealand.
  • Quality – We produce only best quality agricultural products meeting stringent ASP production standards. Our farm are located in some of the best growing regions of Australia and New Zealand.
  • Sustainability – Our products are grown under a fully sustainable system delivering healthier foods, healthier soils and healthier communities.
  • Traceability, Integrity – Our products are fully traceable giving consumers assurance of integrity of supply meeting our stringent standards.