ASP Farming

The ASP Standard is a sustainable alternative to traditional farming practices and organic farming systems.

ASP Certified

The ASP certification system is a rigorous process compelling growers to actively implement a regenerative farm management program. Our advanced system brings together the best of modern and traditional farming practices.

The basis of the ASP certification is soil health and fertility. It promotes using a combination of management style, grazing rotation, natural sequence techniques, nutritional supplements, soil conditioners, biological cultures and crop/animal residue management techniques to achieve these goals. The outcome is an enhanced biological soil environment and superior plant health, which delivers a nutritionally superior product for consumers.

The ASP certification helps farmers apply modern farming knowledge and techniques to achieve yield potentials comparable to conventional farming whilst maintaining soil health and integrity for continuous, regenerative production.

It enhances the health of soil and plants, and animals, diminishing the need for harmful fertilisers and pesticides and considerably reducing chemical exposure to our foods as demanded by consumers.

For more detailed information please visit the ASP Certified website.

The ASP Certified Standard delivers Healthy Soils, Healthy Foods and Healthy Communities

ASP Certified Standard

This standard represents a formal system of management to ensure full compliance with sustainable farming processes. It also includes an exhaustive audit process for full traceability to ensure integrity and accountability to consumers.

The ASP Certified standard is exclusively reserved for products meeting the highest standards of production and consumer expectations.

For more detailed information please visit the ASP Certified website.

The ASP CERTIFIED Standard achieves:

  • Naturally healthy soils for healthier plants
  • Non-GMO foods
  • NO chemical exposure to foods grown, directly comparable to organic
  • Superior nutritional benefit: sap tests provides evidence of a rich and balanced nutrient profile
  • Sustainable land and natural resource management
  • Grown in Australia by Australian farmers
  • Supports the community through the Sustainable Community Grants fund